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About 1st ChemPlusChem Virtual Symposium

1st ChemPlusChem Virtual Symposium

Session 1: 10:00 CEST


  • Kate Jolliffe (University of Sydney):
    “Small Molecule Receptors for the Recognition, Sensing and Transport of Anions”
  • Hao Pei (East China Normal University):
    “Scaffolded DNA aptamers for Biosensing”

Flash presentations:

  • Aidan Kerckhoffs (University of Oxford): "Reversible Visible-Light-Sensitive Supramolecular Ion Carrier"
  • Marysia Tarnowska (University of Nottingham): "Synthesis of a Triple-Decker Handcuff"

Session 2: 15:00 CEST


  • Davide Bonifazi (Universität Wien)
    “Chalcogen-Bonding-Regulated Self-Assembly of Functional Organic Matter“
  • Niveen Khashab (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST))
    “Intrinsically Porous Materials (IPMs): Selective Separations at the Molecular Level”
  • Max von Delius (Universität Ulm)
    “Unleashing the Supramolecular Potential of Strained Carbon Nanohoops”

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